Photo contest Sfe2 2022

organized before and during the SFE2-GfÖ-EEF joint meeting in Metz, France in November 2022,
by Nadia Michel (Univ Lorraine) and Julia Clause (Univ. Poitiers).

Here is the link to the short list presented during the conference : Short list photo contest 2022



Theme 1 – Living organism => 35 photos submitted Original look on an organism, its behaviour or anything linked with an aspect that characterises it.

The clone wars, by Etienne Minaud (IRD EGCE)
taken on the 26/07/20 in Antibes, France

Theme 2 – Ecosystem => 29 photos submitted
Original look on an ecosystem, if possible, clearly showing relations between its components.

Foggy memory, by Benito Schöpfe (German Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF))
taken on the 23/10/22, Uckermark, Germany

Theme 3 – Human-Nature relations => 16 photos submitted
Original look on the way Society and Nature interact.

Longicorn visiting wood art, by Julien Radoux (Belgian Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium)
taken on the 13/08/2021 at the Chartresue, France

Theme 4 – Science in action => 22 photos
Original look on the practice of ecology and/or evolution

In situ observation, by Aurélien Baud (French Station
Biologique de Roscoff)
taken on the 26/10/2022, Roscoff, Germany