On May 7, members of both the BES and the SFE² boards met to discuss the organisation of the « Ecology Across Borders » (EAB) 2020 joint conference, in Edinburgh, in December 2020.

Organising a « standard » international conference in the UK indeed seems compromised in view of the current situation, especially regarding travelling conditions of foreigners into the UK.
In order to maintain exchanges between our communities, and particulary in this year of change (Brexit, Covid), we are considering alternative formats for this congress (e.g. hybrid model or respective meeting points in France and in the UK with remote connexions between the different points, so that we can maintain the cheerful spirit of the congress while respecting international travel limitations).

Discussions will continue in June between both boards and we hope to give you more detailed information in late Spring.

Ecologically yours,
AV Lavoir for the SFE²