Live Aid II Event to fight climate change-« Save the World with Music »

Dear Scientists’ Warning Colleague,

We are writing to you to ask for your support for a major, live event (please see attached prospectus) that we intend for Summer 2020. (We will want to avoid the timeframe of the Summer Olympics from July 24- August 9, 2020.) The aim of the event is to replicate the 1985 Live Aid, this time raising awareness globally about the desperate plight of life on the planet. Well-known musicians may be the perfect messengers to get the word out about the science and critical nature of our climate crisis.

As members of the Alliance of World Scientists, we know that you are committed to raising awareness and supporting actions to address climate breakdown and the ecological crisis. As time marches on and faced with rising, not falling, CO2 emissions, it becomes increasingly pressing that we reach as many people globally with our message as we possibly can. 

We need your support in planning and launching this event (feel free to volunteer your help). If you know of any big name musicians, well-known scientists, movie stars, media celebrities, music managers, event managers or promoters, please reach out to them, or put us in contact so that we may discuss the attached prospectus with them. Please send email responses to Dr. Alison Green at and copy me (Bill Ripple) at

Please help us to make this event happen.

In solidarity, Bill Ripple and Alison Green

William J. Ripple
Distinguished Professor of Ecology
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