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Gardner, C.J., Wordley, C.F.R., 2019. Scientists must act on our own warnings to humanity. Nat. Ecol. Evol. 3, 1271–1272.

Les chercheurs, à l’étranger comme en France (voir l’appel lancé par la SFE2 et signé par de nombreuses sociétés savantes – encore en cours :, continuent de lancer des alertes et appels pour limiter le changement climatique et inverser la perte de biodiversité. Cela n’est pas nouveau, et cela suffit-il ?
Des chercheurs appellent aujourd’hui à la désobéissance civile dans Nature
« There is now a growing tide of people embracing civil disobedience to protest against the planetary emergencies we face […] »
« As conservation scientists and members of Extinction Rebellion, we encourage our fellow scientists to join us in embracing activism. »
« This does not mean that all scientists must commit acts of civil disobedience — some have more privilege to risk arrest than others. But we can all use our professional skills to support these movements. We can give talks, act as media spokespeople, write or speak publicly about why we have embraced civil disobedience, or support organisational tasks. However, for those who can, committing civil disobedience sends a powerful message about how seriously scientists treat these crises. For example, Professor Lynne Quarmby and Dr Alejandro Frid were arrested blocking coal trains in Canada, and Professor James Hansen has been arrested multiple times for protesting against fossil fuel infrastructure. Moreover, our involvement in popular environmental movements can boost their credibility, change the tone of media reporting, and ensure all members of civil disobedience groups are well versed in climate science, ecology and other relevant disciplines. »