The Sfécologie 2018 conference will take place in Rennes from October 22 to 25 2018, at the Couvent des Jacobins ( The conference website is available at this link :

Abstract submission

The submission deadline for abstracts has been postponed to May 15th.

Already about 300 abstracts submitted (!). For more info on submissions:

Result of the Symposia selection

10 symposia have been selected out of 19 submitted. For more info:

– Monitoring Biodiversity: the Essential Biodiversity Variables Framework (Main organiser: Aurélie DELAVAUD)
– Current Challenges in Landscape Ecology: Habitat Amount, Landscape Connectivity, Landscape History (Main organiser: Laurent BERGES)
– Ecological Models in Fisheries Scienes: From Knowledge to Management (Main organiser: Didier GASCUEL)
– Eco-evolutionary Feedback Loops in Theory and Practice: an Assessment of How Synthetic the Newest Synthesis Has Come to Be (Main organiser: Eric EDELINE)
– Does Evolution Matter for Ecosystem Ecology? (Main Organiser: Isabelle GOUNAND)
– Resilience in Long-Term Social-Ecological Systems Research Sites (Main organisers: Sabrina GABA and Camille MAZE)
– Biotic Interactions Under Abiotic Constraints: from Molecular to Ecosystem Level (Main organiser: Cecile SULMON)
– Pollination in the Anthropocene (Main organiser: Bertrand SCHATZ)
– All You Can Eat: Perspectives in Nutritional Ecology (Main Organiser: Apostolos-Manuel KOUSSOROPLIS)
– Tracking Environmental Variability and Global Changes (Main organiser: David RENAULT)

Registration and payment

A webpage has been created on the conference website (
Warning: if you start the registration process, you must pursue to the end of the process, that is the payment. Indeed, you cannot resume the registration process if you stop.
For French Research units, it is possible to pay with an order of payment.

Thank you for communicating those pieces of information as largely as possible.

We hope to see you in Rennes in October !
The organizing committee of Sfecologie2018