Congratulations to the 4 laureates of the 208 field grant !
19 projects have been evaluated.

Camille Vitet (PhD student, CEFE Montpellier) – What is the role of sociality in the demography of Plains zebra Equus quagga in a predation context ?




Leonor Rodrigues (post-doctorate, CEFE Montpellier) – Past and present agricultural landscapes: Interactions between human and non-human soil engineers.
(Photo : Pre-columbian elevated fields and termit mounts)



André Jardim Arruda (PhD student, Université d’Avignon) – Université Fédérale du Minas Gerais, Brésil) – Nutritional limits, strategies of acquisition and use of phosphorus and reproductive success of plants in open grasslands.



Adeline Arini (post-doctorate, UMP EPOC Bordeaux) – Use of bivalves and biofilms to show the nanoplastics contamination in aquatic environments.