Summary and links of the conference Sfécologie 2016

In the frame of the Sfécologie 2016 international conference, the SFE organised several workshops for early-career ecologists.

  • Coffee time’ with E.J. Milner (ICSS, Univ Oxford, UK; Tuesday 25) and with Thierry Dutoit (IMBE, Avignon, Fr; Thursday 27)
    Each session gathered about 10-13 early career ecologists who could chat and ask questions directly to the plenary speakers in a more informal way than the actual plenary. Both plenary speakers were delighted and even found the session to be too short!
  • ‘Midi publis’ (Mardi 25)
    Adam Wheeler and Alice Wood (Wiley Publishing) reminded the attendees of the basics of the publication process, the role of referees, the importance of getting back on your feet after having your manuscript rejected, etc.
    => links to their presentation:
    Romain David (IMBE) talked about Open Access, its implications and the (good) way to publish Open access articles or data.
    ==> Links to his presentation: Open_access_open_data_data_papers_and_data_sensibility