Voilà c’est fait, la SFE et la BES organiseront ensemble un grand colloque d’Ecologie en 2014 a Lille. Merci de noter dès à présent dans vos agendas cette date importante pour la vie de notre Société.

Un grand merci aux collègues lillois pour avoir tout mis en oeuvre pour que cet évènement puisse avoir lieu.

Ci-dessous l’annonce officielle du colloque:

The British Ecological Society and the Société Française d’Ecologie are delighted to announce they are holding a joint meeting to bring together our two vibrant ecological communities. We hope this will provide an exciting forum for the exchange of ideas and the establishment of new collaborations and friendships.

The British Ecological Society was established in 1913 making it the oldest ecological learned society in the world. Nearly a hundred years later we are a truly international Society with 4000 members in 80 different countries. The BES’s many activities include the publication of a range of scientific literature, including five internationally renowned journals, the organisation and sponsorship of a wide variety of meetings, the funding of numerous grant schemes and far-reaching education and policy work.

More details to be announced soon.