The French Society for Ecology and Evolution calls on your generosity to ensure the smooth running and development of its activities. Your support is both an indispensable aid to our action and an encouragement because it shows that you care about the SFE².

By making a donation to the SFE² you would encourage the development of the sciences of ecology and evolution in France, in all their aspects. In particular, these donations are used to support actions for which there is no or very little other source of funding.

As an association recognised for public service (governed by the law of July, 1st 1901 in France), the SFE² is authorized to collect donations and legacies.

  1. A manual donation is a cash remittance that does not require a notarial act. It can be done by you directly.
  2. A donation is an act by which a person gives up goods during his lifetime. All donations require a notorial record.
  3. A legacy is contained in a will. It is an act by which the testator decides to give up, after his death, all or part of his property for the benefit of the SFE².

If you are a french national, your donation to the SFE² entitles you to a tax reduction (66% of the amount of the donation paid, up to a limit of 20% of the taxable income for the current year). The SFE² will issue you a receipt to be attached to your tax return.

Anyone intending to make a significant donation and / or leg is invited to contact us ( to discuss how to best support the sciences of ecology and evolution through the intermediary of the French Society for Ecology and Evolution.