3 years PhD project funded by ANR.

Full details available here :

The project aims to study genome size variation across several animals groups and to understand the evolutionary causes of these variations. Particularly, a focus will be made on population size variation (i.e., the effect of genetic drift) and on transposable elements,

This phD project aims are :
● Generate genomic resources for these groups : genome assembly combining
Minion long-reads (long but costly and error-prone) and Illumina short-reads
(short by cheap and accurate) technologies.
● Transposable element (TE) annotation for the reference genomes
● Estimation of polymorphism pattern of SNP and TE
● Assessment of the impact of TEs on genome size
● Effective population size (Ne) estimation
● Assessing the fitness of TE dynamics using polymorphism data
● Historical Ne reconstruction based on interspecific divergence/rate of
evolution using a Bayesian method developed by a member of the project

The main goal of the phD project will be to evaluate the influence of Ne (and other
relevant parameters such as the recombination and indel rates) on the evolution of
genome size and proportion of non-coding DNA as well as the associated
dynamics of TE.

Project ANR NeGA “Influence of effective population size (Ne) on animal Genome
Architecture” coordinated by Tristan Lefébure of LEHNA

To postulate :
Please send a CV and a short (one page) letter to :
Anna-sophie Fiston-lavier ; Annabelle
Haudry and Benoit Nabholz

Dead-line : 15 Juillet 2021

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