Mapping agroecology initiatives in France

Agroecology, as a holistic concept, is embracing today a diversity of interpretations, intentions and realities depending on the country considered and its context, history, stakeholders involved, and socio-political environment. Considering the aim to scale up Agroecology, to document and analyse its development in different contexts is a critical and necessary step to get larger insight and knowledge about the state of art of Agroecology, and for supporting its expansion and take-up at policymaker level.
The H2020 project Agroecology for Europe (AE4EU) aim at enhancing the understanding of Agroecology in European countries. Through the “mapping of Agroecology” the project wants to provide an overview of the situation and reality of Agroecology in different European countries. This mapping does not aim to be completely exhaustive, as probably not achievable in all countries and as new elements steadily adding on, but rather being illustrative, synthesizing and provide key insights about it. This could be seen as a step on the road of building a common understanding of Agroecology as well as its development at European level (Wezel et al. 2018) and in the frame of the planned creation of an European partnership in Agroecology Living Labs and Research Infrastructures .
In the frame of the project AE4EU, this Master thesis will aim at mapping Agroecology through a diversity of key informant and initiative in France.

Goal of the internship
The master thesis will have four main goals:
• Identify and analyze agroecology initiatives according to five pillars: Education and training, Living labs, Movement, Practice and Science in France. Some initial work has been carried out already .
• Summarize all data, categorize initiatives, describe and analyze the state of agroecology in the country.
• Write a master thesis (preferable in form of a scientific paper) agroecology in France as well as a country report
• Work in cooperation with other project partners of AE4EU and a further H2020 project (ALL-Ready)

Conduct of the master thesis
The mapping of Agroecology is carried out in different countries of Europe with a common methodology within the AE4EU project. Collection of information is organized according to three major elements/pillars commonly recognized for Agroecology as a scientific discipline, as set of practice and a social movement (Wezel et al. 2009). To take into consideration complementary aspect and the European dynamic on the topic, also in relation the European partnership in Agroecology, two additional elements were defined as sub-pillars for the mapping:
– “Living lab” sub-pillar, as recognize and spotlighted by the European Commission in its project of a Partnership in “Agroecology living labs and research infrastructures” ;
– “Education and training” sub-pillar, to distinguish it from the Science pillar as many initiatives, programmes and training are existing outside the academic and science sphere.
According to this five pillars, data collection will be achieved based on: desktop research, interview of stakeholder and key informant, available data and bibliography.

Condition of the internship
Requirements: Master in agricultural science, agroecology – skills in writing and synthesis. Being fluent in French.
Supervisor: Baptiste Grard and Alexander Wezel (ISARA)
Host Institution: ISARA Lyon
Duration: 6 months
Planned starting date: March 2022 (can be discussed)
Remuneration: about 650 €/month

To apply please send CV and a short motivation letter to Baptiste Grard,

Wezel A, Bellon S, Doré T, et al (2009) Agroecology as a science, a movement and a practice. Sustain Agric 2:27–43.
Wezel A, Goris M, Bruil J, et al (2018) Challenges and action points to amplify agroecology in Europe. Sustain 10:1–12.

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