The European H2020 project DRYvER ( is interested in the current dynamics and fate of biodiversity in drying river networks (DRN). Biodiversity is assessed on the basis of field sampling in river networks representing different bioclimatic and biogeographical contexts in Europe and South America. Among the crucial questions addressed in the project, we address whether biodiversity composition in DRN is mostly influenced by resistance processes (linked to resistance traits) or resilience processes (linked to dispersal traits and connectivity-driven dynamics)? Are these relative effects variable across environmental and biogeographical conditions? To address such questions, a metacommunity dynamics model has been developed to simulate and analyze the spatial and temporal structuring of biodiversity within networks. We propose an 18-month postdoctoral position with a main objective to calibrate the metacommunity model with data from the 6 studied river networks in Europe. This work will be based on inventory data of different groups of organisms (microbes, macroinvertebrates and fish) and biological and ecological traits (dispersal ability and adaptation to local environmental conditions). By performing simulations spanning a broad range of parameter values, the objective will be to compare actual biodiversity patterns to simulated ones in order to deduce plausible parameter values in DRNs. Based on the resulting parameter estimates, a subsequent task will be to predict biodiversity patterns in other river networks over whole Europe. The postdoc will work in close collaboration with the other members of the DRYvER project, in particular with the partners studying biodiversity dynamics, especially Nuria Bonada, Thibault Datry, Franck Jabot, Jose Barquin, and DRN leaders. The position will be based in Grenoble with possible travels in the framework of the consortium’s work, in particular to Lyon and Clermont-Ferrand. It should start in early September 2022.
The applications should be sent to François Munoz,, before July 20th 2022.

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