***Project background
-Trophic interactions play a central role in soil functioning and act as an important driver of soil biodiversity. Yet, it is a challenge to unravel what drives trophic interactions.
-The objective of this project is to unravel how the soil habitat shapes trophic interactions and carbon dynamics by focusing on protists, nematodes and microarthropods as major microbial consumers. In addition, we will explore feedback effects of trophic interactions on microbial communities at the pore scale of soils and on microbial hotspot characteristics.

***Job description
The position will be associated with the Animal Ecology Group at the University of Göttingen, Germany (Prof. Stefan Scheu). The successful candidate will investigate (i) how the physical structure of soils modulate trophic interactions, and (ii) how this impacts top-down regulation of soil microbial communities and carbon dynamics. A series of experiments in microcosms will be set up combining methods in soil (food web) ecology, such as stable isotope and fatty acid analysis, and soil physics, such as variations in matric potential and X-ray µCT.

***Job requirements
-Excellent Master and PhD degree in a relevant field (e.g., ecology, soil physics)
-Excellent knowledge of English
-Pronounced scientific and writing skills

***The candidate we are looking for ideally has
-Pronounced scientific curiosity and strong interest for interdisciplinary sciences
-Enthusiasm for lab work
-Experience in soil animal ecology with focus on micro- and mesofauna (nematodes, microarthropods)
-Experience in the analysis of soil food webs
-Experience in the analysis of soil physical properties
-Competence in quantitative data analysis using R
-Interest in teaching, supervising, and working with students

Starting date
01.04.2022 (full time 100%, fixed-term for 3 years)

More infos and procedure to apply at the following link:

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