We are offering a two year PostDoc position to work as part of the EU Horizon 2020 project SUPERB. The SUPERB project will support the ambitious upscaling of ecosystem recovery targets in the EU Green Deal, including the implementation of ecosystem restoration actions in 12 demo sites across Europe. SUPERB will seek to prove gains in biodiversity assets spurred by these restoration actions through a task on monitoring, reporting and verification of biodiversity ecosystem services (MRV-BES). The task of the postdoctoral fellow will be to combine advanced high-resolution remote sensing methods with eDNA sampling and acoustic surveys to describe the condition of forests. The applicant will be central to the completion of MRV-BES at SUPERB demo sites, work within a team with members at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, University of Bangor and Lancaster University.
We seek an applicant with expertise in ecological modelling and statistical sampling to design the collection of DNA samples at the demo sites, collect drone and ground remote sensing data and carry out acoustic surveys. The candidate will integrate these data sources to model the distribution of biodiversity assets at the demo sites, to help understanding how the integrity of forests can be assessed and how improvements gained from the restoration actions can be evidenced. This is a very multidisciplinary position and thus the expertise required is covered by the supervisors, with proficiency in the fields of forest inventory and remote sensing, genomics, acoustics and modelling ecological communities. Thus, it is expected that the previous experience of the candidate may lack expertise in one or various of these fields, for which training will be provided.
The role involves travelling to the UK to liaise closely with the partners in Bangor and Lancaster. This exciting role includes fieldwork near Umeå, as well as travelling to demo sites in Spain, France, Serbia, Romania, and the Czech Republic. At these demo sites, the PostDoc will develop single-species and community-based ecological models to discriminate between different types of forests at different stages of recovery and predict the expected trajectories of ecological succession. This will improve our scientific understanding of the relationships between ecological integrity and remote sensed characteristics of forests to quantify the success of restoration activities. The PostDoc will also participate in SUPERB project meetings, preparation and presentation of talks, and be responsible for the preparation of MRV-BES reports at SUPERB demo sites.
This position is for 2 years, but an extension will be available as the total duration of the SUPERB project is 4 years.
See further detail here: https://www.slu.se/en/about-slu/work-at-slu/jobs-vacancies/?rmpage=job&rmjob=5647&rmlang=UK
Or feel free to contact Prof Ruben Valbuena r.valbuena@bangor.ac.uk, Prof. Simon Creer s.creer@bangor.ac.uk and Dr Alex Bush alex.bush@lancaster.ac.uk directly.

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