One post-doc position focusing on the ecological consequences of global warming on aquatic food webs is available at the RECOVER laboratory in the freshwater ecology (FRESHCO) team at the INRAE of Aix-En-Provence (France). The post-doc will work in collaboration with Arnaud SENTIS and Camille LECLERC as well as other researchers, two Ph.D. students, and technicians. This position is funded by the ANR project EcoTeBo.
Temperature affects the ecology and biology of species (e.g. survival, growth, body size) as well as their interactions, which may have a significant impact on the structure and dynamics of food webs. Nevertheless, this remains largely unexplored. The successful candidate will thus develop temperature dependent allometric food web models (ODE models as in Sentis et al. 2021 Proc. Roy. Soc. B.) to improve our understanding of how temperature and temperature-induced shifts in body size influence the structure and dynamics food webs. To achieve this goal, the successful candidates will develop mathematical models to simulate community dynamics from information collected through experiments and/or from an existing large database on French lakes. This national database contains biotic and abiotic information on more than 450 french lakes and can be used to assess the structure of natural food webs. The successful candidate will work in collaboration with a research engineer (Camille Leclerc) and two other Ph.D. students involved on the experimental side of the project.

Candidate competences:
We are seeking highly motivated candidate with good organizational skills and strong interests in ecological models and global change ecology. Ph.Ds. in biology, ecology or mathematics are welcome. Candidates should be sufficiently fluent in English to be able to read scientific articles and engage in discussions. Expertise with food web models will be strongly appreciated. We are also looking for persons with open mind attitude, proactive and capable to carry out research with a certain degree of autonomy.

Collaborations. The candidates will collaborate with other scientists of the FRESHCO team within the laboratory RECOVER. Collaborations with Eric Edeline (INRAE, Rennes, France), Victor Frossard (Univ. Savoie, Mont Blanc, France), Simon Blanchet, Bart Haegeman and Jose Montoya (CNRS, Moulis, France) are also planned.

Practical information:
Starting date: January 2022 (or February 2022 at the latest).
Duration: 2 years
Funding: already acquired (ANR project EcoTeBo).
Location: INRAE, UMR RECOVER, 3275 route Cézanne, 13182 Aix-en-Provence, France

Dead-line for application: 9th of November 2021.
To apply: please send your CV, a motivation letter (2 pages maximum), as well as a maximum of 2 recommendation letters to Arnaud Sentis (
Informal enquiries are welcome – please contact me by email in french or english.

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