We seek candidates for a postdoc position (18 months) at the UR EFNO laboratory in France. The aim of the post-doctoral position is to develop plant-based indicators (phyto-indicators) of ungulate pressure, their impacts on forest ecosystems based on vegetation data (woody and non-woody), which could help forest managers, hunters and public service to better reconcile the management of forests and ungulate populations in order to reach shared management objectives. This work will be based on large existing datasets held by FONA and its multiple national partners. At the national scale, you will use forest and plant inventory data available from The National Institute of Geographic and Forest Information (IGN) and from the RENECOFOR experimental design set up by the National Forests Office (ONF; consisting of 100 permanent exclosure-control plots of 0.5 ha and surveyed every 5 years), hunting bags for the main game species centralized by The French Office for Biodiversity (OFB, formerly ONCFS). Various datasets collected during previous projects in different regions will also be made available (e.g. DYSPERSE, GNB, Arc-en-Barrois). Collaborations with researchers in other European or North American countries could also be planned in order to generalize the findings to other contexts (e.g. research networks and other similar collaborative initiatives at the European or international level).

Anticipated results should lead to indicators that could be used to assess and monitor the pressure and impacts of ungulates on forest regeneration and biodiversity and thereby help forest and wildlife managers in implementing adaptive forest and wildlife management programs at local, regional and national levels.

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