We invite prospective candidates for a four-year fully funded PhD Studentship to explore exciting questions on the interface of community ecology and population genetics. How do species coexist in diverse communities? And how is genetic variation maintained within populations? These processes are typically studied separately, but likely interact to structure diversity in ecological communities. For example, rapid evolution is likely to have a key role in determining species coexistence.

To address these questions, our collaborative project utilizes a novel experimental community model system of wild Drosophila species and their parasitoids from tropical Australia. We are able to perform multigenerational laboratory microcosm experiments and track eco-evolutionary dynamics in fine detail. The candidate will conduct laboratory experiments on eco-evolutionary dynamics of communities, eco-evolutionary modelling, and will be involved in obtaining live Drosophila and parasitoid lines in Australia (likely to be possible in 2022 or 2023). There will also be opportunities to develop the project in a direction of the candidate¡¦s own choosing.

The successful applicant will join the Laboratory of Experimental Ecology [ http://lab.hrcek.net ] at the Biology Centre, Czech Academy of Sciences, Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic, under the supervision of Dr Jan Hrcek. The laboratory is a multinational team of postdocs, PhD students and technicians and the applicant will have the opportunity to work extensively with other team members. The laboratory obtained prestigious high-level funding for five years from 2020 to 2025 (ERC-CZ grant) and therefore can provide substantial resources and support for exceptional research. The laboratory is part of the Department of Ecology, a dynamic international centre for research on interaction networks.

Together with the PhD student we will choose a co-supervisor from current international collaborators (listed at the bottom of [ http://lab.hrcek.net/people.html ] page) or start new collaborations. The position will include a research stay abroad.

The deadline for applications is 1st December 2021. The position can start from February 2022 onwards. Interested candidates who could only start in autumn 2022 are also encouraged to get in touch. The student will receive a salary which comfortably covers living expenses in the Czech Republic. The working language is English and applicants from all countries are eligible. A MSc degree is required to enter PhD in Czech Republic. We are looking for candidates with some of the following:

– Research experience with laboratory experiments, insect ecology or molecular ecology
– Experience in eco-evolutionary dynamics or population genetic modelling
– Experience with population genetics
– Driving licence and fieldwork experience

To apply please send one document comprising a CV, contact details for two references, and a motivation letter to Jan Hrcek [ janhrcek@gmail.com ].

Le contenu de cette offre est la responsabilité de ses auteurs. Pour toute question relative à cette offre en particulier (date, lieu, mode de candidature, etc.), merci de les contacter directement. Un email de contact est disponible: janhrcek@gmail.com

Pout toute autre question, vous pouvez contacter sfecodiff@sfecologie.org.