Deadline: Review applications will begin January 31, 2022 and continue until the position is filled.

Job description and scientific context: Current knowledge on tree populations’ responses to climate change at large geographical scales is mostly based on adult trees (Benito Garzón et al., 2019), even though early developmental stages from seed production to germination are far more sensitive to climate change and tightly linked to fitness (Verdú and Traveset 2005). As a consequence, germination often shows a narrower climate change than that estimated for adult trees (Baskin & Baskin, 2001; Solé-Medina et al., 2020; Walck et al., 2011). Furthermore, the seed germination niche is also triggered by genetic determinism of seeds that change across species ranges (Jiménez-Alfaro et al., 2019), suggesting strong adaptation of populations to environmental clines. The main goal of this postdoctoral fellowship is to explain next-generation species distribution ranges based on the adaptation and plasticity of germination traits to climate change to guide restoration programs. This will be achieved by compiling forest tree germination experiments from the literature and setting up climatic chamber germination experiments from seeds covering species’ distribution ranges to estimate the climatic niches of germination and ultimately propose those populations with higher potential to survive under climate change to new restoration programs.

Main Tasks/Responsibilities:
• Perform germination experiments in environment-controlled chambers to assess temperature humidity and light tolerance of early stage tree traits
• Bibliographic compilation of range-wide germination experiments
• Modeling tolerance to climate change of germination traits in forest trees

• PhD in Ecology
• Excellent modeling and statistical skills
• Experience in spatial ecology
• Experience in germination experiments
• Team work capacity and proven writing skills

Starting date: March 2021 (flexible)

Term: 18 months (+12 additional months pending availability of funds)

Location: Bordeaux, France

Salary: ~ €27,446 – €32,408 depending on the experience.

Institution: INRAE – Institut National de Recherche pour l’agriculture, l’alimentation et l’environnement.

Funding: EU-funded H2020 SUPERB (Starting in December 2021) “Systemic solutions for upscaling of urgent ecosystem restoration for forest-related biodiversity and ecosystem services”

Major collaborators: Silvio Schueler (BFW, Austria), Hervé Jactel (INRAE, BIOGECO, France), Sanja Peric & Mladen Ivankivic (CFRI, Croatia).

Application: Interested candidates should send the following documents:
• Curriculum vitae, including a list of publications
• Cover letter describing your relevant experience and research interests (max 3 pages)
• Contact information (phone, email) for two academic references

Baskin, C. C., & Baskin, J. M. (2001). SEEDS Ecology, biogeograpghy, and evolution of dormancy and germination. Academic Press.
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