6 months internship, spring-summer 2022, master / engineer

I General framework
The urban forest is defined as the assemblage of all trees within the city limits, from isolated trees to gardens, parks and woods It is today strongly presented as a central tool to face the problems of change climate change in cities [3] or already made public as the solution in the regular press (Le Figaro 22 July 2019, LibérationJuly 26, 2019). However, gaps are identified in the knowledge of the composition and structure of urban forests in relation to the services they provide to humans. In urban areas, global changes will lead to an increase in environmental risks compared to non-urban areas (heat waves, drought, storms, loss of biodiversity, increased pollution, etc.) and trees grown in gardens as well as invasive alien trees strongly contribute to the diversity of urban woodlands.
The internship will be devoted to the assessment of the vulnerability of urban woods in the face of global changes, focusing on the interactions between drought and biological invasions.

II- Internship program
The University of Bordeaux is the manager of the Floirac Observatory site with a surface area of 14ha on which is a wooded park and an urban wood, mainly dominated by oak and ash, but where the black locust, an invasive alien species, and bay laurel thrive, limiting regeneration of dominant species.

The objective of the master’s internship will be to understand the dynamics of this wood, by evaluating the current role of exotic trees (non-invasive and invasive exotic trees, horticultural woody species) to promote the regeneration of non-invasive species, and by characterizing drought resistance of invasive species.

1 – installation of a regeneration trial
Within the wood (5.94 ha), we will install unit plots aiming to test methods allowing the control of the 2 main invasive species (black locust, laurel) to promote regeneration: on each plot, a dendrometric analysis will be carried out, allowing the analysis of mature trees – inventoried and measured – and regeneration ; depending on the plot, we will apply several treatments (cutting, cutting + sowing, sowing) in order to test the management practices allowing better development of forest regeneration.

2 – climate change and biological invasions
Climate change is causing trees to die off, especially pedunculate oaks, while invasive trees are developing. We will seek to characterize the drought resistance of invasive trees (locust, laurel, tree of heaven) in comparison to oak in order to determine their adaptive capacity in the face of climate change.
We will focus the study on leaf vulnerability from optical measurements (OV) because the loss of leaves during periods of summer stress would indicate a vulnerability of tree species. We will develop a method for monitoring tree canopy by photography and image analysis with the aim of monitoring the decline of trees in the summer.

III Skills acquired during the internship
Establishment of a sampling and vegetation management protocol
Ecophysiological techniques (water potential, vulnerability to cavitation)
Graphic analysis, image analysis (ImageJ)
Statistical analyzes (R)
Presentation and presentation of results

IV General information
Master, engineer or gap year student
Ecology, ecophysiology, forestry, environment, agronomy or agriculture
Taste for field research, and laboratory work
Everyday language: either French, English or Spanish
Reporting language: either French or English

The internship will take place over 6 months, between March 2022 and August 2022, in order to cover the growing season, within the UMR BIOGECO, INRAE – University of Bordeaux, in the premises of the University of Bordeaux (Bat B2 alley G St Hilaire 33600 Pessac).
The student will work within a team bringing together researchers, technicians and trainees (license).

He will be paid at the current legal rate, around 570 euros per month
(https://www.service-public.fr/professionnels-entreprises/vosdroits/F32131#:~:text=Le%20montant%20de%20la%20gratification%20doit%20figurer%20dans%20votre%20convention,%E2%82 % AC% 20x% 200% 2C15 ).

Supervision: Annabel Porté
Research unit: BIOGECO
To apply: send CV and motivation letter

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