This PHD subject is open to the competition of the EGAAL doctoral school in Rennes . The application deadline is May 25, 2022
Abstract :
The sub-Antarctic Kerguelen Islands stand among the most geographically isolated lands. This isolation, combined with a cold tundra climate, results in a depauperate plant diversity with only 22 autochthonous seed plant species
but about 70 invasive ones. The simplicity of these communities makes these islands an exceptional field laboratory to study ecosystemic processes, among which the adaptive potential of autochthonous and allochthonous plants to decreased precipitation levels and climate warming, an exacerbated phenomenon in this geographic region. An acknowledged component of the adaptive potential of plants is their microbiome (encompassing all of
their associated microbes) either associated to their roots or their aerial organs. However, little information is available on the plant microbiomes of this geographic area. The PhD thesis aims at i) revealing the diversity of
microbiomes associated to Kerguelens’ native and non-native plants, ii) evaluate their diversity along environmental gradients and iii) explain their roles in the adaptive response of native plants to ongoing climate changes

More details on the topic and objectives are here Theses 2022 — TEBL (

For applying, the procedure to follow is here Applying for an ED EGAAL thesis | Doctoral School Ecology, Geosciences, Agronomy and Food (EGAAL) (
The application deadline is May 25,

* Particularities : The recruited person must be prepared to several (2-4) month-long expeditions in the Kerguelens.

The Phd is a collaboration between the ECOBIO lab in Rennes (CNRS UMR 6553 ECOBIO Univ Rennes1) and the YSIEB lab in Paris ( CNRS-MNHN Sorbonne Paris).

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