Comparative ecological change and restoration in dryland woodlands:
identifying common problems and novel solutions in the Southern Cone of South America and the Sahel of Africa
Workshop organized by Meredith Root-Bernstein (Centre d’écologie et des sciences de la conservation – CNRS – MNHN)
Wednesday 22 September 2021

Drylands, semi-arid woodlands and seasonally dry forests are increasingly important areas of global change dynamics. Restoration to prevent or reverse their degradation is an important issue. However, it is difficult to design good restoration and management programmes for dryland woodlands when we know relatively little about their natural dynamics. Much knowledge of forest dynamics and anthropogenic effects on trees and woodlands is also based on temperate and tropical forests. Consequently, comparison between dryland woodlands and forests is valuable to aid interpretation. Furthermore, comparative perspectives across the global South are rare. The comparative perspective brings numerous frameworks to light and places results in new perspectives, which can be used to develop new approaches both to understanding ecological dynamics under perturbations from climate and anthropogenic use, and approaches to restoration. The workshop will identify open questions that may be addressed from a comparative perspective, and issues where comparison across southern South America and the Sahel may lead to novel research questions, experiments, and future research and research-action collaborations.

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