The “Excellence Initiative – Research University” (IDUB) is a
programme of the minister responsible for higher education
and science, which gives the University of Warsaw
opportunities for raising the quality of its academic research
and education, thereby increasing the international recognition
of the University.
The recruited person will perform their duties
in Action II.3.3. “Development of an expert-research centre in
UW Białowieża Geobotanical Station”.
The Białowieża Geobotanical Station of the University of
Warsaw is a natural biological laboratory which is unique on a
global scale; it is a centre for long-term scientific projects,
which are carried out to study the changes to ecosystems due
to rapid, global climate changes and in the face of increasing
environmental pollution.
The employment of two adjuncts will strengthen the Station’s
team and will allow for better use of the research potential of
the main research site, thus contributing to increasing the
international recognition of the University of Warsaw.

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