Human beings and living beings in general are exposed during their entire lifetime to environmental stressors, i.e., chemical, physical, biological and/or psychosocial stressors, what is also described as the “exposome”. Indeed, the conceptual framework of exposome for humans or eco-exposome for animals attempts to integrate all these exposures over time to help understand and decipher the causal links between exposure and pathologies. Research suggests that the early stages of life, e.g. foetus, embryo, young organism, are the most sensitive windows of exposure, e.g. the 1000-day window for humans from conception and equivalent early stages in other species.

In this context, the aim of the RT2E 2022 call is to help the development of new research projects through a leverage effect for deciphering the effects of early-life exposure to environmental stressors on the health and physiological balance of organisms.


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