We have the pleasure to inform you that the calls for Symposia and Workshops are open for the joint international conference in ecological sciences, in partnership with the SFE2, the GfÖ and the EEF.

Submission DEADLINE : 1st April 2022

All information on the conference website : Website of the SFE2-GfÖ-EEF joint meeting


Symposia should be more focused than regular sessions, and put a spotlight on a specific research topic or on particularly new, timely or controversial scientific questions.

Symposia organizers are responsible for choosing the speakers, keeping in mind that symposia must be kept understandable for a wide audience.

Symposia could include review and perspective talks, short flashlight talks, panel discussions, and more. These symposia can for example be organized jointly with other societies and organizations in order to bring more people together, boost interdisciplinarity, and enable new and emerging areas to be explored.

Each symposium will be given a fixed slot of 2 hours; however, some flexibility in the organization of symposia might be allowed in terms of number of speakers or time for more in-depth discussions.

>> More information on submission of symposia


Workshops are interactive sessions, opened with pre-reservation (limited number of participants), aimed at encouraging networking, skills development & creative thinking, with audience participation.

Two types of workshops will be considered:

  • long pre-conference workshops (up to 4 hours) on the afternoon of Monday 21 November
  • 1-hour workshops over lunch breaks on Tuesday 22, Wednesday 23, and Thursday 24 November.

Round-tables, material and methodological presentations, short courses, or open discussions/mentoring can be proposed. The objectives are not necessarily scientific and can tackle any aspect of the academic life (carreers, communication, teaching…).

Persons intending to propose a workshop should specify the maximal number of attendees, give information on the expected format (e.g. round table or material presentation), and the session preference (long workshops on Monday or lunchtime workshops). Depending on the number of responses received, the scientific committee might propose to some workshops to move from one session to another (e.g. from long workshops on Monday to lunch-time workshops sessions).

>> More information on submission of workshops